As we live in beautiful sunny Orange County, California, don’t we want to appreciate it wherever we are, even if we’re looking at it from our house?  The Window Guy enhances your enjoyment of this area even if it’s from your kitchen, bedroom or easy chair.  See, we believe that you’re not supposed to see the windows…  you’re supposed to see clearly what is on the other side.

We know that your home is very important to you and you have a lot of pride invested in it.  Similarly, we have pride in our family owned and operated business.  We also take pride in our work.

When you use The Window Guy as your window cleaning service, even if it rains the water will dry almost spotless and that is why we offer our 30-day guarantee on all the service we provide.

So have your windows cleaned by The Window Guy today so you can relax and enjoy this beautiful sunny Southern California weather.